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What is Inspire?

Every student, future ready.

Inspire has been designed with one goal in mind: to help students plan their futures. By connecting students with hands-on, career-based learning experiences (CBLEs), Inspire helps students apply their academic and technical skills in the real world of work while also developing essential workplace skills critical to their future employment success.

As a business member, you are not trained experts on how to teach or engage with students—that’s where we come in!

With Inspire, employers can:

  • Offer a wide range of career-based learning experiences (CBLEs) for students and teachers
  • Directly mentor and help prepare students for careers that align to their interests or expose them to careers they didn’t know existed
  • Contribute to curriculum, ensuring that education looks and feels like the job
  • Communicate their career/employment needs

Inspire accomplishes this through:

  • Xello, a seamless, web-based platform that teachers, students and parents utilize for career exploration
  • Leveraging business and education partnerships to coordinate Career-Based Learning Experiences (CBLEs) for teachers and students

This is a long-term solution to developing your talent pipeline. Through continued support of Inspire, regional and local career pathways, and simply connecting with local students, you will see the impact on the number of employees you hire. The time you invest now will continue to pay off year after year as you grow connections to local students.

Why Support Inspire?

Providing career-based learning opportunities is mutually beneficial to schools and companies:

  • INVESTING IN THE FUTURE WORKFORCE. Working with students will help expand the pool of job applicants and their skill sets in the future. Career-Based Learning Experiences are an early recruitment strategy.
  • INFORMING THE FUTURE WORKFORCE about the occupations businesses employ and the skills businesses look for when hiring.
  • CONTRIBUTING TO K-12 CURRICULUM by hosting educators at your work site and partnering with educators on the development of skills-based career pathways.
  • IMPROVING EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT. Employee knowledge of roles and responsibilities are reviewed and reinforced and mentoring students can be rewarding for employees.
  • CREATING POSITIVE COMMUNITY VISIBILITY FOR YOUR COMPANY by providing a visible example of your partnership with schools and students to maintain good community relations, and providing an opportunity to promote the company as an employer of choice. In addition, people will gain awareness of what your company does. Oftentimes people know the name of a company, but not the breadth of what happens on the inside.
  • EXPOSING STUDENTS TO WORK CULTURE AND TEAMWORK. Students discover and learn about the working world and begin to understand company culture and what it means to work as a team.


Source: Workforce Development Pathway Study Millipore Sigma


Educational Partnership Process Flow
Millipore Sigma Workforce Development Pathway study


Learning Experiences

Only 11% of employers feel new graduates are ready for work. Bridge the gap between classwork and the work world.

Examples of CBLEs available through Inspire:

  • Site tours
  • Internships
  • Youth apprenticeships
  • Job shadows
  • Teacher externships
  • Classroom speakers
  • Mock interviews
  • Career fairs

According to the 2018 McGraw-Hill Education's Future Workforce Survey, only 4 in 10 U.S. college students felt very or extremely prepared for their future careers.

More than half of those students also said increased access to internships and other professional experiences would have helped them feel better prepared.

Millipore Sigma Workforce Development Pathway study

Xello: Connecting Businesses to Classrooms

What is Xello?

Connect with students through Xello, Inspire’s fully integrated online career-planning software. Students in the Southeast Wisconsin Inspire system (7 counties)—including Walworth County high schools—utilize Xello to explore careers and career pathways and learn about and connect with local businesses.

Create a Company Profile

Our Inspire administrator will help create your company’s profile on Xello, utilizing information you provide when you sign up as a new Inspire member. Your profile is visible to students across the entire Inspire Southeast Wisconsin network.

Through the Xello in Inspire platform, students can search employers and occupations in a multitude of ways. Students can reach your business profile in Xello’s richly detailed career database, which includes more than 500-plus listed occupations; by browsing the list of regional business profiles; and by searching the listed career and job opportunities.

Post Your Career Opportunities for students and teachers

Through Xello, students can explore more than 2,000 career opportunities at local and regional companies. Help students connect with you by including the opportunities your business offers—be it internships, co-ops, apprenticeships, job shadows, tours, and more.

Career Huddle Reps

With Career Huddle discussion boards, students can ask questions of real, working people in their community. A student interested in becoming an Industrial Engineering Tech, for example, can learn about that career path and join the Huddle discussion, where he or she can post a question to designated Huddle Reps in that field to find out more about the career.

Your business can assign one or more Career Huddle Reps to correspond with local students. Career Huddle Reps can expect to spend an hour or less each week responding to student inquiries.

Our Supporters

You're in good company! Join our partner businesses in supporting Inspire Walworth County:

Adams Electric

Allan ICS

Baker Tilly

Better By Design

Brunk Industries

CaP Biomaterials

Citizens Bank

Corporate Contractors

FORM Wealth

Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

Geneva Supply


Integra Seating


Lake Geneva Canopy Tours

Lake Geneva Chevrolet Buick GMC

Lake Lawn Resort


Mode Industries


Plas-Tech Engineering


Plymouth Tube

Precision Plus


Prop Shaft Supply

R&L Spring

Royal Basket Trucks

Stebnitz Builders


Thelen Total Construction

USG Interiors





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