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Companies are asking for help getting in front of young people and their influencers earlier, while career decisions are being made. Unfortunately, direct experiences with local employers are rare.

Inspire Walworth County offers students career-based learning, providing them with experiences in the real world of work where they can apply academic & technical skills and develop essential workplace skills critical to their future employment success.

The Career Cruising platform offers a way for companies to drive information directly to students. The platform includes four unique components, all accessible and editable by member companies.

Company Profile

Through the Inspire platform, students can search employers and occupations in a multitude of ways. They may reach your company profile by searching one of your listed employable occupations, by searching your industry, or by looking you up directly.

Students will often receive homework assignments that will lead to more frequent company searches, but will also increase parent involvement.

Additionally, students may come across your profile if you choose to post scholarships or career-based learning experiences such as internships, apprenticeships and job shadowing.

Businesses can message students by interest and aptitude types.

Learning Experiences

Only 11% of employers feel new graduates are ready for work. Bridge the gap between classwork and the work world.

By offering Career-Based Learning Experiences such as job shadowing, company tours, class presentations and apprenticeships, students are better able to connect what’s happening in the classroom with current and projected needs.

Employers influence labor supply and build their talent pipeline by increasing the visibility of what they offer and what they need.

Career Coaches

Inspire leverages existing career development activities happening in the classroom. With Career Coach discussion boards, students can ask questions of real, working people in their community at any time!

Career Coaches can expect to spend an hour or less each week responding to student inquiries.

Messaging Tools

Reporting tools give program administrators a clear view of the career aspirations of young people and the needs of employers. By using demographic filtering, you can broadcast your message to specific groups based on student activity within the entire Milwaukee 7 region (Walworth, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington, Waukesha).



Annual Membership Levels

0-10 Employees
Member of WCEDA? Subtract $125

11-25 Employees
Member of WCEDA? Subtract $180

26-50 Employees
Member of WCEDA? Subtract $225

51-99 Employees
Member of WCEDA? Subtract $375

100+ Employees
Member of WCEDA? Subtract $425