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High School Career Counselors

Walworth County high schools all have a career counselor. Gateway Technical College has New Student Specialists that interface with career counselors to keep them informed about the training that is available for popular careers within the county. They all recognize the importance of career readiness. More and more businesses are recognizing the competitive advantage of working with their local high schools to engage students in career opportunities. They accomplish this in the following ways:

  • Speaking to students at the schools
  • Providing real-life problems for students to work on
  • Inviting students and educators to go on tours of their businesses
  • Offering internship opportunities
  • Participating in apprenticeship programs
  • Sponsoring events that promote career opportunities
  • Working with educators to develop relevant curriculum and necessary skill sets

High School Career Counselors:

Marie Collins
Badger High School

Joanne Pella
Elkhorn High School

Cindy Yager
Delavan-Darien High School

Jessica Prokop
Whitewater High School

Megan Williamson
Williams Bay High School

Melinda Nelson
Big Foot High School