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Across nearly every key sector, particularly those sectors that have growth potential and that pay well, workforce is the number one obstacle to growth. It is probably the number one issue the keeps CEOs awake at night. With the majority of the baby boomers generation nearing retirement, there will be a large segment of the working population that rapidly disappears from the workforce. Influences like globalization, technology, the new economy, political change, and demographic shifts, compound this issue further.

Wisconsin is fortunate to have a reputation for possessing a workforce with a strong work ethic. Walworth County is no exception to this character trait. Below is a listing of the key initiatives and programs that are in place to further develop our workforce:

Engagement with educators and students

  • Business tours and presentations to schools
  • Internships or other opportunities to interact with local businesses
  • Curriculum changes to meet the changing needs of the business community
  • Promotion of local career opportunities

Wisconsin Job Center programs and services

  • Job-seeker tools
  • Employer tools
  • Youth services

Training grants

  • Customized on-site training
  • Re-training for new industries

Professional development training

  • Workforce solutions through the technical college system
  • Customized professional development through WCEDA
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