Window Well Experts Awarded “Business Innovation Award”

Congratulations Window Well Experts on Winning our Annual Business Innovation Award!


We established this award to highlight the many ways companies can be innovative, not just in product development. Some companies are being innovative in the way they create a company culture, a competitive edge, use of technology, or community involvement.


Window Well Experts has been operating in Walworth, WI since 2011 and employs 20 people. In the past two years, the company nearly tripled its sales through innovative marketing and manufacturing strategies. Each month, attracts 35,000 unique visitors to its website which results in 3,200 monthly leads. It also pioneered the first ever eCommerce site in 2016 for semi-custom window well covers that allows customers to customize their window well covers online and purchase them directly.


In addition to their marketing process being improved by technology, their manufacturing has seen a complete overhaul in recent years. When they first started the company, customers were sending paper templates of their window wells, through the mail. In 2015 the company introduced a method in which their in-house mechanical engineers create a CAD drawing directly from measurements and pictures of the customer’s well, allowing them to create a 3D rendering of what their cover will ultimately look like. The CAD drawing is then sent to the CNC where it is precision-manufactured to the customer’s exact specifications. In an effort to modernize their sales process to match their marketing and manufacturing, the company implemented a custom, cloud-based CRM in 2017 that allows their sales staff to save over 3 hours a day in manual tasks and customer communication, by automating menial tasks and improving sales workflow. The company anticipates almost doubling sales in 2018. This is a great example of taking a commodity-like product that can be purchased at all the big box stores like Home Depot, applying innovative strategies to online marketing and manufacturing to create a customized product that consumers want and are willing to pay more for.

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