Primex Family of Companies Awarded “Business Wellness Award”

Congratulations Primex Family of Companies on winning our annual Business Wellness Advocate Award!

More and more companies are looking into implementing wellness programs at their companies. You are seeing more exercise onsite, time given during work to go for walks, healthier foods available on site, and encouragement to participate in athletic events.
The Primex Family of Companies (PFOC) is a privately held, family business that includes Klockit, Chaney Instrument, and Primex, formerly Primex Wireless.
The company’s CEO and leader, Paul Shekoski, believes that the company’s employees are its number one asset. His goal is to help each and every employee become, as he says, “healthy and wealthy.” The company has a Mind/Body/Spirit program that synchronizes all of its health and wellness initiatives. Employees are incentivized to participate in annual bio-metric health screenings, flu shots, on-site chiropractic care, on-site nutrition coaching, on-site fitness coach, on-site massages, yoga classes, walking challenges and various education programs that are geared toward the total employee, such as financial planning, stress reduction, saving for retirement, healthy cooking classes, smoking cessation, and self-defense.
Employees are rewarded for healthy behaviors with cash incentives and deposits into their Health Savings Accounts. Wellness Wednesdays are heavily participated in – employees can wear work appropriate workout attire to the office, which makes it easier for them to participate in the company’s on-site stretching and circuit training programs. Their bio-metric screenings results have been steadily improving for the past three years, and they have some of the best scores in the country. Annually, they measure the improvement of their employees as well as their spouses. Since last year 40% of their high-risk employees moved out of a category, and 45% of their moderate risk employees improved or had an improved healthy state. In lieu of an on-site gym, the company encourages employees to participate at fitness centers close to their homes or at the local YMCA at a reduced rate. This encourages employees to take wellness home to their families so they can participate as well. The company also offers employees standing desks, treadmill desks, and work-from-home options which allow employees less car time and more time to exercise with family. The money that is invested in employee wellness is offset by lower health insurance claims, lower prescription drug costs, better attendance, and more engaged and productive employees.
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