Walworth County is a chosen location for Papa John’s franchise

It’s been said bad pizza tastes like a cardboard box. But that same box, holding some very good franchise pizza, tells you a lot about how one international pizza chain is doing, and why they chose Walworth County as their newest location.

As I write this the doors of the newest Papa John’s in America is about to open in Delavan on Highway 50, conveniently located between downtown Delavan and downtown Lake Geneva, and about equidistant to Elkhorn. It’s the first one in the Geneva Lakes area, the closest outlets being in Janesville and Kenosha via Hwy 50. I should mention there’s one in Whitewater as that’s part of Walworth County Economic Development Alliance (WCEDA) territory!

Founder John Schnatter sees business sense in his cardboard delivery box, as it sparked an entire new business at his corporate headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. Preferred Marketing Solutions began twenty years ago as an in-house supplier of premium print and promotional materials to Papa John’s International, Inc. As it grew and expanded, it began offering these same services to a wide range of organizations.

Pizza can tell you a lot about the economic health of a community, so the arrival of a first-ever household name means more than just another choice in pizza pies and hot wings.

Real estate, residential construction, and manufacturing have been picking up in 2017 and unemployment remains low. These are all good indicators that the economy is healthy. I expect we will continue to see this trend extend into the spring and summer. Business people do seem to be more optimistic, despite all the political wrangling in the news.”

And that optimism is not just for the large corporations and their local franchisees. Take the word of Miguel Barcena the county’s newest pizza maker. He founded Marsala’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant 25 years ago in Madison and brought his business here to Walworth County last May, and the year-round potential of Lake Geneva’s bustling downtown.

“Most everyone from the city has been wonderful, and the people are much nicer than the Madison area,” Barcena said

In doing so Barcena brought renewal to a place that had little success as a carry out alternative, adding an attractive dining area and full delivery to the area.

And I should mention Papa John’s isn’t the only well known P.O.P signage and cardboard box design specialist. Yunker Industries is going strong with nationwide signage from its Elkhorn headquarters and Lake Geneva facility. New Business Development Kent Yunker has this to say about Walworth County business: “We try to hire good local people and train them. The work ethic here is a reason why.”

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Published with permission from The Beacon & Good Humour