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Made In Walworth County (MIWC)

There is a significant need to promote manufacturing careers to young people in Walworth County. The majority of the workforce in this industry is gray and will be retiring in the next 10 years. If we don't do a better job as an industry promoting the exciting opportunities to youth, they will go into other fields.

Goals of the Made in Walworth County (MIWC) Group:

  1. Promote exciting career opportunities to youth, their parents and local community members.
  2. Connecto the manufacturers within the county as a means of sharing useful information and leveraging opportunities to work together.
  3. Leverage the Made in Wisconsin initiative to brand Walworth County as a region that has a strong manufacturing base.

Our competition is not with each other. It is with countries outside our borders.

This group was modeled after the very successful Manufacturing Alliance in Waukesha County.

"Promoting desirable career opportunities to advance the field of manufacturing"

Due to an aging workforce and lack of interested workers, growth in the manufacturing sector is being hindered. In order to fill the growing number of jobs and needs in this industry, the manufacturing sector needs to be known as a primary means of employment — one that provides living wages, stability and a high level of satisfaction. Recruitment efforts should target employees with all levels of education.

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Dream it. Do it.

Today’s manufacturing is about advanced technologies, state of the art facilities, and fast paced work environments. But most of all, manufacturing is about those people who like to see the product of a hard day’s work. However, this is not the impression of manufacturing that is held by many Americans today. Only 35 percent of parents say they would encourage their children to pursue careers in manufacturing, despite the advanced skills and high pay that are characteristic of work in today’s advanced manufacturing industry. This is due to a perception of manufacturing that existed a generation ago but does not represent the current reality of the industry.

To put an end to this misperception, The Manufacturing Institute launched the Dream It. Do It. network in 2005. Dream It. Do It. works to change the perception of the industry and inspire next-generation workers to pursue manufacturing careers. Dream It. Do It.

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