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Membership Programs

The Walworth County Economic Development Alliance offers various membership programs.

Inspire Southeast Wisconsin – Walworth County Region

Companies are asking for help getting in front of young people and their influencers earlier, while career decisions are being made. Unfortunately, direct experiences with local employers are rare.

Inspire Walworth County offers students career-based learning, providing them with experiences in the real world of work where they can apply academic & technical skills and develop essential workplace skills critical to their future employment success.

The Career Cruising platform offers a way for companies to drive information directly to students. The platform includes four unique components (Company Profile, Career Coaches, Learning Experiences, Messaging Tools) all accessible and editable by member companies.

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Made in Wisconsin – Walworth County

"Banding together to promote a desirable manufacturing brand can help attract capable workers both near and far."

Due to an aging workforce and lack of interested workers, growth in the manufacturing sector is being hindered. In order to fill the growing number of jobs and needs in this industry, the manufacturing sector needs to be known as a primary means of employment — one that provides living wages, stability and a high level of satisfaction. Recruitment efforts should target employees with all levels of education.

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