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revised_region2-300x238Walworth County benefits from a superb highway transportation network. The County is encircled by the Interstate 94 and 90 freeway systems. The Chicago-Milwaukee segment of Interstate 94 runs parallel to Walworth County’s eastern boundary, directly connected to the County by Wisconsin State Highways 50, 11, and 20, while the Milwaukee-Madison segment of I-94 runs parallel to the County’s northern border. Interstate 90 runs parallel to Walworth County’s western boundary, from Madison to Rockford, and approximately parallel to the County’s southern boundary, from Rockford to Chicago.

Interstate 43 provides a direct connection between Walworth County and Milwaukee, providing nine freeway interchanges within the County to facilitate commerce. The U.S. Highway 12 freeway runs through the County as well, including seven freeway interchanges. Transportation is also facilitated by U.S. Highway 14, plus Wisconsin State Highways 11, 20, 36, 50, 59, 67, 83, 89, and 120.

Walworth County is located 35 minutes from Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport, and 90 minutes from Chicago O’Hare International Airport. For executive business aircraft, there are also five public airports within Walworth County. In addition, the County is served by the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, and the Canadian National railroad.