Leadership Walworth

Leadership Walworth is up and running. Beginning in January with a fresh group of participants, the program has provided both leadership skill development and important community connections. By all accounts, those who have experienced the all-day sessions have been impressed with the content and opportunities. Participants and visitors comment on the connections made with community leaders, including the county sheriff, county board members, judges, social service providers and many more. Tours of local facilities such as VIP Services and the county jail have been both eye-opening and informative. In the next months, participants will undertake various research and action projects that will benefit the county. Working alone or in small groups, they will bring their ideas to the April session to review, refine and solidify for action in the latter months of the program. Preliminary indications are projects related to transportation, homelessness, and communications. To sign up for the next session, or for more information, contact David Frost at (262) 248-8727.

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