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Workforce Exchange

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What is Workforce Exchange?

Not to be confused with Work-Share, Workforce Exchange is a matching service where employers with urgent staffing needs are matched with employers that have workers temporarily available.

Employer A: has employees that need to be temporarily laid off

  • Benefits of the program for Employer A
    • Keep your employees working and earning during the crisis so they are able to meet their bills and survive.
    • Your employees remain with you and are available to return to your work schedule when you need them back.

Employer B: needs workers temporarily

  • Benefits of the program for Employer B
    • gets a supply of needed workers when they are needed most

How does it work?

Through a very simple contract!

Company A retains their employees by leasing them to Company B, who pays all the labor costs. Company A keeps their workers employed and has access to them when they need them to return to work.



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Derek D’Auria, WCEDA Executive Director
Joel Espinoza, WCEDA Assistant Director