Onvoy’s impressive expansion complete

The signs of an improving economy are not always in the big statewide or national announcement of a Fortune 500 company relocating its corporate headquarters, a household name distributor planning a new international distribution facility or a manufacturer adding a new facility and products creating hundreds or thousands of new jobs.

While I certainly would welcome such developments and can cite many reasons why Walworth County offers such choices to a wide variety of major organizations, the true measure of growth comes with businesses of all kinds that make decisions to step out and make the most of positive developments with their products, people and services.

I’m pleased to report the local division of a Wisconsin based concern and WCEDA member has just completed a large expansion of their current facilities in Walworth, Wisc.

The Onvoy Division of Badger Plug Company Inc. makes plastic injection mold devices at its location just west of U.S. Route 14 near downtown Walworth.

Badger, based in Greenville, Wisconsin, is the world’s largest provider of roll suspension and protection solutions including Core Plugs, Endboards and Sleeve Plugs, Pad Plugs, Tube Closures and Spool Components.

Badger President Dan Voissem says the new expansion at Onvoy in Walworth was an addition of 65,000 square feet to their warehouse and 4,800 feet to Onvoy’s tooling and maintenance department.

“The most pressing need, that was pent up, was for finished product storage,” says Voissem. “This addition also improves our shipping department capacity and flow, allows for future production department growth and provides growth space for our tooling and maintenance departments. “

Voissem says there are no employee additons at this time.

Expansions like the one just completed at Onvoy solidify current jobs and also enhances the current impact of those workers as they add to the local economy through their purchases and residence in Walworth County.

The addition in Walworth also adds to Badger’s stature as a worldwide provider.

“Our company has seen gradual growth in our metal, recycled and plastic injection molded items in our product line and Onvoy manufactures those plastic injection molded items,” notes Voissem.

Badger Plug started manufacturing in 1931 in a small building along the Fox River in Appleton. Their first products were wood core plugs used by paper mills to keep large paper rolls from crushing the cores.

Big things come from gradual growth and initiative to add new capabilities for the present and future. As always at WCEDA we stand ready to help county businesses with support, networking and counseling to make the most of their company’s potential.

By Derek D’Auria, Executive Director, WCEDA

Published with permission from The Beacon & Good Humour, June 30, 2017.