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East Troy Connect Communities

On June 18, 2015 the Village of East Troy was approved for inclusion in the Connect Communities (CC) program under the Wisconsin Downtown Development Committee.  Being accepted into Connect Communities is a pathway to revitalizing downtowns and historic commercial districts.  The district has an economic local grass roots impact on the individual community as well as Wisconsin’s overall economy.

Our Mission is –  East Troy Connect Communities is a state of Wisconsin supported effort to create and promote an economically healthy and robust downtown district.  We are a group of passionate citizens who are dedicated to fostering growth and development in our community through organization, promotion, design and economic revitalization.

ETCDA Website

What is Connect Communities?

Downtown’s and urban commercial districts play an important role in their communities and in Wisconsin’s overall economy, functioning not only as prominent employment and business centers, but often standing as the historic foundation of the communities they serve. They are also usually the meeting places for the community. The communities and their business districts have changed dramatically over the years, and some downtown’s need a boost or maybe a complete management system to lead the turnaround. Connect Communities is a way of offering resources and networking opportunities to local leaders and members of the community interested in revitalizing their downtown’s.

If you’d like to be considered for the East Troy Connect Communities Committee, or would like to volunteer, please reach out to us at 262-741-8135 or info@easttroybusiness.com

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