6 Things WCEDA Can Do For Your Business

The Walworth County Economical Development Alliance (WCEDA) works with businesses interested in locating or expanding in Walworth County by assisting them throughout the development process.

“WCEDA uses four words to describe our organization,” said WCEDA Executive Director Derek D’Auria. “Advocate, catalyst, facilitator and resource. For many start up businesses just knowing where to begin can be daunting. And for many established companies, tapping the research capabilities of UW-Whitewater can help them find new markets or product lines. WCEDA is here to connect businesses to the proper resources.”

Here are six things WCEDA can do for your business:

  1. Valuable Connections – WCEDA connects businesses to useful local, state, and federal agencies, important data and statistics, educational and research partners, community and business leaders.
  2. Financial Assistance – With access to and knowledge of different financial resources, WCEDA can help your business grow. WCEDA has relationships with banks and other lenders that help the business community. WCEDA can also provide up to $50,000 in loans for companies with $1 million or less in revenue.
  3. Workforce Development – WCEDA works with the Walworth County Job Center and the Southeastern Workforce Development Board to promote job fairs, company tours, and career exploration events. It also works with middle schools, high schools, and higher education institutions to engage the business community.
  4. Workshops and Events – Members have the opportunity to attend monthly breakfasts, receptions, and the annual meeting at a free or reduced rate. WCEDA also hosts many workshops on business development and professional training.
  5. Professional Development – Members may attend training sessions that WCEDA holds at a free or reduced rate. Topics include human resources, marketing, business procurement, and financial management.
  6. Business Promotion – Businesses connect with business leaders from all over Walworth County at WCEDA events. Members also can advertise in WCEDA publications, which include newsletters and annual reports. WCEDA participates in job fairs and is located in the same building as the Walworth County Job Center.

For more information about WCEDA or becoming a member visit www.walworthbusiness.com or call (262) 741-8527. The Walworth County Economic Development Alliance is located at 400 County Road H, South Building, Room 105 in the Elkhorn Gateway Campus.