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Made In Wisconsin – Walworth County

“Promoting desirable career opportunities to advance the field of manufacturing”

Due to an aging workforce and lack of interested workers, growth in the manufacturing sector is being hindered. In order to fill the growing number of jobs and needs in this industry, the manufacturing sector needs to be known as a primary means of employment — one that provides living wages, stability and a high level of satisfaction. Recruitment efforts should target employees with all levels of education.

Why Join?

Your membership with the “Made in Walworth County” manufacturing group includes a Dedicated Administration Group

The focus of the admin. group is to
Promote Awareness
of the benefits manufacturing and the corresponding career opportunities through
– Variety of Activities (involving students, parents, educators, community members)
– Communications (web presence, newsletter, Inspire Program tool*)

Facilitate Networking
between members of this exclusive group of advanced manufacturers from the greater Walworth County area through:
– Events (featuring expert speakers, facilitating intra-group discussions, sharing best practices, etc.)
– Communications (web presence, newsletter, private blog, input to educators and legislators, etc.)

Awareness Activities

  • Facility Tours/Job Fairs/Apprenticeships/Internships/Co-ops/Externships
    Available to students, parents and community members
  • Policymaker Education
    Advise local and state policymakers of the benefits of manufacturing.
  • Project Promotion
    Promote student projects that enable interaction with manufacturers.
  • Branding
    Brand Walworth County as a region that has a strong manufacturing base.
  • Bridge the Education Gap
    Only 11% of employers feel new graduates are ready for work. Help inform secondary and post-secondary schools of current manufacturing educational needs.

Networking Activities

  • Information Sharing
    Communicate with others in the manufacturing field. Ask questions, share ideas, problems and best practices, plan for the betterment of the industry…
  • Hear from the Experts
    Attend exclusive events for members featuring expert speakers presenting on vital subjects.
  • Legal & Regulatory Input
    from experts and collegues

Annual Membership Levels (includes memberships to Inspire Southeast WI and WCEDA)

0-10 Employees
Already a member of WCEDA? Subtract $200

11-25 Employees
Already a member of WCEDA? Subtract $300

26-50 Employees
Already a member of WCEDA? Subtract $500

51+ Employees
Already a member of WCEDA? Subtract $700


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